Fire Hydrant Flushing - City Wide

The Collinsville Fire Department will be conducting fire hydrant testing throughout the city. For a list of current locations you can visit the Fire Department's Facebook page If your water runs and is a brownish color, this is why. Please just let your water run until it runs clear. We encourage you to not do any white loads of laundry during this time.

Development Assistance Team

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Development Assistance Team (DAT) meetings are offered as an informal step in the land use application process to applicants and/or their representatives, potential developers and property owners. The meeting provides the opportunity to meet with City staff to discuss a range of items from the potential uses for, or how to market, a property to a more detailed review of a development proposal before making a formal application submittal to the City. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss prospective development of a site and for staff to explain the review process, offer the City’s perspective and guidance, and to provide other necessary information to help potential developers make better informed decisions regarding their property or development proposal.

The DAT is comprised of representatives from a number of City departments who are involved in the development process, and, depending on the project, may include staff from Community Development (Planning, Zoning, and Building), the Fire Department, the Police Department, Public Works (Engineering, Water Services, and Streets), and Economic Development (City Assistance/Incentives).

The more information provided to the DAT prior to the meeting, the more detailed guidance that can be provided by staff. While not required, helpful information could include aerial photos of the site, a survey or plat, anticipated uses or business types for the property, or for more developed proposals, a preliminary site plan including building locations, setbacks, number of units, square footage, etc. and building elevations identifying building materials, types of construction, etc.

The Development Assistance Team meets on Thursday mornings at 10:00am, on an as-needed basis. To schedule a meeting with the Team, please contact call the office at 618-346-5200 ext. 4.