Fire Hydrant Flushing - City Wide

The Collinsville Fire Department will be conducting fire hydrant testing throughout the city. For a list of current locations you can visit the Fire Department's Facebook page If your water runs and is a brownish color, this is why. Please just let your water run until it runs clear. We encourage you to not do any white loads of laundry during this time.

Planning and Zoning Division

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The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for providing support to the community by interpreting and implementing the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations as adopted by the City Council. This consists of processing applications for all aspects of land development in the City of Collinsville. The Planning and Zoning Division also serves as staff support to the Planning Commission and Community Appearance Board.

The City of Collinsville currently finds itself in an exciting and challenging time. New development abounds throughout the City including housing, businesses, parks, and the City's infrastructure. The Planning and Zoning Division ensures that this development is planned, completed and maintained in such a way as to be beneficial to the public's health, safety and welfare. The Planning and Zoning Division goal is to provide high-quality customer service to the citizens and businesses of Collinsville.

Zoning Requests

The Planning & Zoning Division process the following types of requests:

  • Zoning Map Amendments (Rezoning)
    • The owner/owners of a property (or their authorized representative) may file an application to amend The Official Zoning Map of the City of Collinsville. Amendments to the Zoning Map may also be initiated by the Director of Community Development, the Planning Commission or City Council.
  • Special Use Permits (SUP)
    • An SUP authorizes certain uses which may be necessary or desirable to allow in a given district, but which because of their potential impact upon neighboring uses, public facilities, or general community need to be carefully regulated with respect to location or operation. Special Use Permits require Planning Commission approval. The owner/owners of a property (or their authorized representative, including a lessee) may file an application for a Special Use Permit.
  • Site Plan Review
    • Site plans are required for all new developments and for certain redevelopment depending on the change of use. The site plan provides the proposed layout of a site and various features including parking, landscaping, lighting, and dumpster enclosures. Site plans are required to be signed and sealed by an engineer or architect. Contact the Planning and Zoning Division to verify whether or not your development will require a site plan. 
  • Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments
    • Like a Zoning Map Amendment, the owner/owners of a property (or their authorized representative) my file an application to amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance or it may be initiated by the Planning Commission or City Council.
  • Land Subdivision
    • The Subdivision Ordinance is the regulatory code by which the City controls the division of land within the corporate area of Collinsville in order to promote the public health, safety and general welfare; to further the orderly development of land; to establish accurate records of land subdivisions; to facilitate adequate and coordinated provision for transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements; and to preserve natural features and historic landmarks. Land subdivision procedures include plats, vacations of subdivisions, and vacations of public streets. Certain land subdivision procedures require Planning Commission review and City Council approval.
  • Variances & Appeals
    • Variances allow a petitioner to request, by application, departure from city ordinances in some circumstances when a proposed use or development does not meet the standards for land use established in the Zoning Ordinance. Appeals allow a petitioner to dispute an interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance made by an official of the City. Variances and appeals are heard by the Zoning Hearing Officer. 


For more information about the Planning and Zoning Division contact:

Travis Taylor, AICP - Director
Phone: 618-346-5200 x1120      Email: email

Cristen Hardin - Associate Planner 
Phone: 618-346-5200 x1140      Email: email

Shawna Robinson - Planning Assistant
Phone:618-346-5200 x1143      Email: email