Fire Hydrant Flushing - City Wide

The Collinsville Fire Department will be conducting fire hydrant testing throughout the city. For a list of current locations you can visit the Fire Department's Facebook page If your water runs and is a brownish color, this is why. Please just let your water run until it runs clear. We encourage you to not do any white loads of laundry during this time.

National Citizen Survey (NCS)

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The National Citizen Survey (NCS) is a comprehensive statistical survey solution for local governments eager to find out what their residents think about their communities. The NCS assesses aspects of community life, local government service quality and resident participation in community activities. The survey is sent out to a random selection of Collinsville residents. The results, based on resident perceptions, describe the areas where community members themselves believe things are going well and shed light on the areas that could be improved.

City staff plans on participating in the NCS every other year as an effort to evaluate the public's perception of services being provided.  The City of Collinsville uses the results to assess what changes need to be made in Collinsville and to enable staff to make informed decisions for the betterment of our community. The results of past year NCS results can be found in the links below:

2019 National Citizen Survey

2011 National Citizen Survey

2009 National Citizen Survey

2007 National Citizen Survey