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  • Aqua Park FAQ

    • Can I bring food or drinks into the Aqua Park?

    • Can I bring water wings or other flotation devices into the Aqua Park?

    • Can I host a birthday party at the Aqua Park?

    • Does the Aqua Park accept credit cards?

    • Does the Aqua Park offer discounts for large groups?

    • How tall do I need to be to ride the slides?

  • City Hall

    • Does the City offer electronics recycling?

  • Crime Free Housing

    • I only have one unit. Why does the ordinance apply to me?

  • Fire Department

    • Does the City of Collinsville allow outdoor fires?

    • Does the fire department give tours of the firehouses?

    • How do I request medical records (ambulance reports) and bills?

    • Where can I get a smoke detector?

    • Why are the hydrants on my street being opened?

  • Parks & Recreation Job FAQ

    • Are there any full time positions?

    • How much do park positions pay?

    • How old do I have to be to work for the Parks & Recreation Department?

  • Public Works

    • Does the City of Collinsville pick up tree limbs?

    • How do I report a pothole, clogged storm drain, etc.?