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Automated Trash Service begins July 10th, 2017

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On Monday, July 10, 2017, automated trash collection will begin for the residents of the City of Collinsville.

All residential customers will receive a new 95-gallon trash cart, during the weeks of Monday, June 26th through Friday, July 7th. These blue trash carts are similar to the current recycling cart, but with a black lid labeled trash.

Additional trash carts may be leased for $2/month, with a 3 month commitment.

A resident can exchange their 95-gallon trash cart for a 65-gallon trash cart, free of charge, through August 31, 2017.

Residents will no longer need to provide their own containers for trash.

Republic Services will dispose of the personal trash containers through July 31, 2017. If you want

Republic Services to dispose of your trash containers, set them at the curb and mark “take container.”

Some residents may have a change in their service date. Watch your mail the week of June 26, 2017 for service date information.

Proper cart placement for automated service:

- Have your cart at the curb by 6am of your service day.

- Place the cart at least five (5) feet from any object; like a tree, pole, fire hydrant, mailbox, electrical box, cable box, etc. and at least five(5) feet away from cars so the automated arm can reach your cart.

- Please have this same distance of five (5) between trash and recycle carts.

- Don’t lean anything against the cart.

- Don’t place your cart under a tree or near utility lines.

- Place carts one (1) foot from the curb or edge of the street.

- All trash must be bagged and contained inside your Republic Service cart, with the lid closed.

- Bags/trash lying outside of the cart or personal cans/containers will not be picked up.

For any question about automated trash collection call Republic Services Customer Service at:


And remember, service starts July 10, 2017.

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Tallest Structure in Collinsville to come down

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The tallest structure in Collinsville will soon be coming down. The communications tower on the AT&T building, on Clay St in Uptown Collinsville, is set to be dismantled the week of May 15, 2017.

The tower is over 200 ft tall and can be seen from downtown St Louis.

The tower is being taken down because  AT&T's no longer needs the microwave communication system it housed, and because of the high cost of maintaining a tower over 200 ft tall per FAA requirements.

Only the tower will be removed from the property; the AT&T building will remain on Clay Street.


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Hometown Heroes Banners

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The City of Collinsville partnered with Pat & Leonard Reitz to bring you the Hometown Heroes Banner Program.  The Banners will be on display in Uptown Collinsville until after Veteran's Day 2016.  This is the first year for the banner program and it has been a huge success with over 140 banners purchased by local family members of our armed services.

Below is the video of the Dedication Ceremony held September 24, 2016.  Thank you to Pat & Leonard Reitz for organizing this great program, and of course, thank you to the Veterans and their families for their dedication and service to our country.

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Mission Lifeline Award - Collinsville Fire Department

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The Mission Lifeline award was recently received by the Collinsville Fire Department. The Mission Lifeline is an initiative started by the American Heart Association to address gaps in cardiac care with the goal of improving outcomes through a combined effort between EMS, Emergency Room, and the cardiac catheterization lab. The program is a coordinated and proactive system that allows both EMS and hospital staff to function as a single team with the purpose of improving survival and over all outcomes from acute coronary syndromes. The parameters used to measure success are based on a 90 min time window from first medical contact to the revascularization of the effected artery. In addition, the department is rated on a set of protocols for which patients should receive a 12- Lead ECG in the field and our compliance to these protocols. The Collinsville Fire Department has received the Silver award this year, a step up from the Bronze level recognition received last year. This designation indicated we are an effective partner in improving overall outcomes and reducing the likelihood of significant disability or death. In 2015, we diagnosed and treated 11 ST- Elevated myocardial infarctions with excellent outcomes occurring in all cases. These are 11 residents who previously would have experienced lengthy delays in their care and the probability of a negative outcome would be high.

At the City Council Meeting June 27th, 2016, Mission Lifelife Director Art Miller presented Captain Tim Rainey, along with Mayor John Miller & City Manager Mitch Bair the award from the American Heart Association.

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Armed Intruder Response Training

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The Collinsville Police Department is offering to local schools, businesses & organizations, a free training course on Armed Intruder Response.  Officer Mike Brown, of the Collinsville Police Department, gives an overview of the class. For more information contact Lt. Eric Herman at 618-344-2131

Armed Intruder Response Training

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Electronics Recycling

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Bring your unwanted electronics and appliances to the public parking lot at 227 W. Main (across from Spiritos Grocery) this Friday (4/8) from Noon until 6pm. Power Recycling donates money to Miner's Theatre for the items you drop off.

Call Power Recylcing at 618-344-7232 for more information.

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Empty Bowl Fundraiser - Feb 10

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The 2016 Empty Bowl Fundraiser is February 10th, from 11am to 2pm at the Gateway Center.  Tickets are $10 at the door.

Proceeds to benefit the Collinsville Food Pantry.

Empty Bowl 2016

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Festival Of Trees - 2015

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The 2015 Festival of Trees is December 2nd, 2015 at the Gateway Center in Collinsville Illinois.  This year, The Miner's Institute Foundation is the recipient of funds raised.  The money raised will go toward the restoration and reopening of the Historic Miner's Theatre on Main Street.  Visit for tickets and more info.


Festival of Trees 2015

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