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Waste Water Department to Conduct Smoke Testing

Waste Water Department to Conduct Smoke Testing


Waste Water Department to Conduct Smoke Testing

The City of Collinsville wastewater collection lines serving you will be smoke tested during the next several days. This is routine testing performed by all sewer utilities to find breaks or leaks in the pipes, and to identify illegal or improper connections to the system. This testing also provides a valuable service to you, our sewer users, by simultaneously checking the plumbing in homes and businesses at the same time.

If smoke gets into your building while we are testing in the area, please do the following:

  • Open doors and windows, and turn on fans, to let the smoke out of the building;
  • Try to determine how or from what drain the smoke escaped into the building;
  • Leave the building or the room until the smoke clears.

Do not be alarmed, the smoke we use is not toxic and does not cause or indicate a fire. This product has been approved for use by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for areas where people are present. However, inhalation of large amounts may cause nausea, so try not to expose yourself to any more than necessary. Asthma sufferers should leave the area immediately as any chemical smoke may bring on attack.

Please repair any broken pipe, toilet seal, washer connections or other plumbing fixtures that allow this smoke to get into your building. If this smoke can get in, the sewer gas and odors can also get in the building. Call us if you have any questions or any other concerns.

If this work is being performed in your area, please review the tag on your door and be prepared to contact us at (618) 346-5211 if you have any concerns that we can address. We consider it a pleasure to serve you and aim to make services as efficient and reliable as possible

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