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Press Release - Madison County Circuit Court

Press Release - Madison County Circuit Court





Collinsville, Illinois – May 6, 2016 - In an effort to streamline Madison County Circuit Court
operations, the traditional court operations at Collinsville City Hall will be closed and replaced
by having a full-time member of the Circuit Clerk’s office at City Hall to provide access to the
court system for citizens of Collinsville and the surrounding area.

Leaders of the Madison County Circuit Clerk’s Office and the City of Collinsville will partner on
the project, which will focus on providing effective and efficient customer service.

“Our employee will provide services including accepting payments for fines and costs,
conducting record searches and other court business pursuant to Illinois State statute. The
public will actually have increased access to the clerk’s office in Collinsville for all five days of
the week rather than just once a week.” stated Madison County Circuit Clerk Mark Von Nida.

Collinsville Mayor John Miller called the approach “a rare opportunity for both parties to save
money and provide better services to the public. This is truly a win-win.”

A considerable factor in the decision to streamline the services was the finding by an architect
that the existing courtroom was a deficient space. Once the deficiency was identified both
entities looked at the costs of making the space compliant. However, the estimated price tag for
the project exceeded $300,000, making it unacceptable when considering responsibilities to the

Given the cost Von Nida and Miller searched for better options on how to maintain services. The
resulting agreement between the County and City represents two entities working together in
partnership to represent the interests of their taxpayers and residents. There is no loss of revenue
for either entity.

The County currently pays separate costs for internet services at city hall. This agreement
provides for a consolidation of costs between the City and County. While the agreement
represents a positive cash flow for the City, there will be no increase of costs for the County. The
move also allows the City to use the space occupied by the court as a multi-purpose meeting
room for its boards and commissions in a more accessible manner than the existing City Hall
Training Room.

Mayor Miller said that the move “allows our residents to better attend meetings and participate
in our democratic process in a more accessible manner.” Miller added that “The City has been in
dire need for better space to conduct meeting with our boards and commissions for several years
and this move allows us to truly have a unique space that can adapt to our changing needs for
meeting space.” The court occupied one quarter of the space for City Hall and yet was used only
one day per week.

Collinsville and the surrounding police agencies will be able to submit for filing traffic citations,
misdemeanor complaints and bond receipts during regular business hours. All court proceedings
currently being held at the Collinsville City Hall will be moved to the Madison County
Courthouse in Edwardsville effective July 1, 2016.

The Chief Judge’s office along with the Circuit Clerk, State’s Attorney and Public Defender’s
office worked together to develop a schedule that allows for a dedicated courtroom for court
cases previously being held at the Collinsville Satellite court on a day with no other dockets

Mark Von Nida, Clerk of the Circuit Court said “Our goal is to make this transition as
convenient as possible for the citizens who use the court system. It was important that we avoid
crowding Collinsville residents into a courtroom with other area dockets. I’m pleased that the
Chief Judge’s office was able to accomplish our goal.”

The move is truly a collaborative effort between two separate units of local government with the
goal of providing better service at a better value to its residents and customers. In a time where it
is difficult to find common ground it was found mutually through the dedication and
perseverance of the staff of both the Madison County Circuit Clerk’s office and the City of

For more information please contact the following:
Madison County Circuit Clerk Mark Von Nida at (618) 296-4476
City of Collinsville Mayor John Miller at (618) 346-5200 ext. 1162
City of Collinsville Interim City Manager Mitchell Bair at (618) 346-5200 ext. 1120

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