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Asphalt work on city streets

Asphalt work on city streets


Rooters Asphalt will be working on the following streets in the City of Collinsville:

-Lester Ave. and Ridgewood Ct.

October 6 –  Clean and prepare streets for asphalt

October 9 -Install base coarse of asphalt along Lester from 300' west of Clifton  to Clifton

October 10 - Install surface coarse of asphalt along Ridgewood and Lester

-Hickory Pt., Driftwood Ln., Cedar Pt. , Raintree Trl. , Pine Lake Rd. , Banyan Tree Rd. , Pinehurst Ct. , Lemontree Ln.   Aspen Ct. , Lemontree Ct. , Peachtree Trl.

October 9-13  – Milling streets (starting south and going north)

October 10 - 16 - Install surface coarse of asphalt (starting south and going north)


-Cypress Point Dr., Greenbrier Dr., Oak Leaf Circle, Linden Ct., Peachtree Trail (Maple to Maple), White Birch Ln.-

October 13-17  – Milling streets

October 18 - 24 - Asphalt overlay


-Davis Pl., Echo Ridge Dr., Echo Wood Dr., Echo Valley Dr., Helen Pl., Keeneland Ct.-

October 18-24 - Milling streets

October 25-31 - Asphalt overlay



Below are maps of the work area.(click maps to load pdf file)


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