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Foundations of Neighborhood Watch

In 1972 a response to crime rates increasing at alarming rates across the United States the National Sheriff’s Association organized the National Neighborhood Watch Program.  This program was designed to enlist the participation of citizens with law enforcement to help reduce and prevent crime. 

Across the country all Neighborhood Watches programs share one foundational idea: bringing community members together to establish control of their neighborhood promoting an increased quality of life and reducing the crime rate in that area. It takes more work than using “Neighborhood Watch” street signs to deter any would be criminals. To be an effective means of crime control requires neighborhood cohesiveness.  Involving community members in watch programs decreases opportunities for criminals to commit crimes rather than attempting to change their behavior. In other words Neighborhood watch is a program that enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with the Collinsville Police Department and other resources within the City of Collinsville to reduce crime, solve problems and improve the quality of life in your area.

Collinsville Neighborhood Watch Initiative

The Collinsville Police Department Neighborhood Watch program is led by William (Bill) Berger.  Bill has been a resident of Collinsville since 1981 after 7 ½ years in the US Army.  He served as a police officer in Collinsville from 1986 until 2012 when he retired at the rank of Sergeant.  Since that time, Bill has served the City and Police Department in the capacity of Crime Free Multi-Housing Coordinator, with a primary mission of working to reduce crime in rental property.

As you read this, most of you are thinking:

  • I want to protect my home
  • I want to protect my neighbor’s home
  • I want my children to have a safe environment  that improves quality of life
  • I want my property values to increase not decrease

  Crime adversely affects all of these issues.  If you and your neighbors have an interest in developing a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact William Berger of the Collinsville Police Department for assistance and guidance, 344-2131 X5122 or email

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