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Sign Permits

The City of Collinsville has adopted a comprehensive Citywide Sign Code, and Sign Permits are required for signage within the City Limits. 

A Permanent Sign Permit is required when constructing, installing, refacing, replacing, or changing the face of a sign.  Submittal requirements are listed on the Sign Permit Application; City Staff will review the proposal and approve/disapprove the permit within approximately 7 business days.  Proposals for signs that do not meet the requirements of the Sign Code, or need a “variance” are considered by the Planning Commission by way of the submittal of a Sign Package.  Please see the Sign Code linked below for complete information on the sign approval process.

Temporary Sign Permits are required for temporary signs (banners).  Submittal requirements can be found on the Temporary Sign Permit Application, as well as use limitations on temporary signs.  Please review the Sign Code for specifics regarding temporary signage. 

Sign Code Sign Code (114 KB)

Sign Package Application Sign Package Application (375 KB)

Sign Permit Application - Permanent Signs Sign Permit Application - Permanent Signs (398 KB)

Sign Permit Application - Temporary Signs Sign Permit Application - Temporary Signs (348 KB)

Yard Sale Regulations Yard Sale Regulations (122 KB)

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