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Development: The beginning of a development process can start in many ways, from an initial phone call for general information, to in-depth meetings with City Staff to discuss location, zoning requirements, and/or development incentives. David Bookless, Director of Community Development, also serves as the City’s Planner and is responsible for overall management of development projects within the City.

New Development Projects: Primary, and most important to any new development project, is Zoning. Those interested in a development project within the City of Collinsville, please contact David Bookless, Director of Community Development, at 618.346.5200 ext. 1120.

If your development project is based on incentives being available, please contact City Manager/Economic Development Director, Mitch Bair, at 618.346.5200 ext. 1119.

New Businesses: All businesses operating within the Collinsville City Limits must be licensed or registered with the City. Please see Forms & Information below for complete information on opening a business in an existing building in Collinsville.

Questions Regarding Business Licenses: Carrie Carlisle, License Clerk, 618.346.5200 ext. 1132.

Questions Regarding Existing Zoning: Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant, 618.346.5200 ext. 1123.

Guide to Opening a Business Guide to Opening a Business (308 KB)

Business License Application Business License Application (79 KB)


Zoning: The City of Collinsville has adopted regulations regarding the zoning of property within the City Limits of Collinsville. The Zoning Code can be found in Chapter 17 of the Collinsville Municipal Code.

Frequently Asked Planning & Zoning Questions

Frequently Asked Planning & Zoning Questions

1. Does the City have Residential Occupancy Permits?


The City of Collinsville does not currently have a residential occupancy permit program.  No inspections are required before buying, selling, or occupying a residential unit, whether it is a single family home or an apartment.  The Building Department does issue occupancy permits for new construction and also for total rehab, fire restoration, and commercial tenant finish projects however. 

NOTE:  Landlord Licenses are required, and any person owning a rental unit must register with the City.   

Questions Regarding Occupancy Permits:  Kendra Cunningham, Administrative Assitant, 618.346.5200 ext 1126, or

Questions Regarding Landlord Licenses:  Carrie Carlisle, License Clerk, 618.346.5200 ext 1132 or

Landlord License Application Landlord License Application (67 KB)

2. How do I get a Special Use Permit?


Special Use Permits are required for certain uses deemed by the City to be in need of additional regulation.  For example, a Special Use Permit is required when opening a second hand, resale or consignment shop.  Special Use Permits are considered by the Planning Commission after notification to surrounding property owners and a public hearing. 

Questions:  Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant, at 618.346.5200 ext. 1123, or at

Special Use Permit Application Special Use Permit Application (58 KB)

3. How do I get a Variance?


Variances can be requested in order to authorize “relief” from specific provisions of the Zoning or Subdivision Regulations.  Examples include requesting approval to construct a garage larger than the maximum allowed 1,000 square feet; or authorization to build a new home on an existing lot of record when required setbacks cannot be met; or even permission to construct a sign larger than what is allowed.  Variances are considered by the Planning Commission after notification to surrounding property owners and a public hearing. 

Questions:  Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant, at 618.346.5200 ext. 1123 or

Variance Application Variance Application (41 KB)

4. How do I get information on Zoning?


Before any buying, selling, marketing, expanding, renting, leasing, building  or occupying a piece of property commercially, whether a vacant lot or a structure, the zoning should be verified, and information on allowable uses should be obtained.  City Staff can provide information on any piece of property within the City, and provide guidance as to how it can be used and what will be required in order to do so.  Occupying any commercial property without prior authorization and occupancy approval may result in fines, penalties and court action for removal from the property so always be sure to check zoning first!

Questions:  Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant – 618.346.5200 ext 1123 or

5. I Am An Appraiser Or Realtor; How Do I Get Zoning Verification?


For a written zoning verification via email, please submit your request to  Requests for Zoning Verification Letters on City letterhead, please submit your Zoning Letter Verification sample/request form to  There is no charge for zoning verifications; emails are normally answered same business day; verification letters are normally provided within 3 business days. 

Questions:  Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant – 618.346.5200 ext 1123 or

6. Tell Me About Residential Zoning?


Residentially, certain neighborhoods are zoned strictly Single Family, even though some of the single family homes may be considered “rental units”.  The ownership of the home is not regulated by zoning; only the actual use of the home as a single family housing unit.  Other neighborhoods are zoned for other types of housing, from single family (R1), to duplexes (R2), to multifamily apartment buildings (R3).  In order to regulate quality, safety, and aesthetics of multifamily development in our Community, the Zoning Code requires that any new multifamily construction (R2 and up) is rezoned to a Planned Zoning District regardless of how it is currently zoned.  This means that the City can impose specific requirements on that particular multifamily development, and also allows the City to “waive” certain requirements that may not be feasible for the development.  Single Family homes are not allowed to be converted to more than one unit without a total rezoning, and secondary units are not allowed to be constructed on the same residential lot, such as in/over a garage or in a basement, without rezoning approval.  Secondary units in another building on the same lot are not allowed as only one residential structure can exist on any residentially zoned parcel.  This does not apply to attached “mother in law” suites that are not rented or leased and does not apply to certain multifamily residential developments.

Questions:  Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant at 618.346.5200 ext 1123 or

7. What Does "NonConforming" or "Grandfathered" Mean?


Some of the City’s zoning designations are not appropriate for the uses currently located there – they may have been started before the zoning was put into place, or when requirements were different.  These are referred to as “grandfathered” uses, which are technically “nonconforming”.  A nonconforming use, such as a long-standing auto repair shop on a residential street, can continue to operate and can also be sold to new owner(s) without any changes in zoning.  They cannot however, be rebuilt, expanded, or replaced if destroyed or abandoned.  The reason for this is to eventually “phase out” these uses that do not conform to current zoning regulations - in other words, these businesses were opened many years ago and now the surrounding area is a residential neighborhood which is not entirely appropriate for this type of commercial business.  Eventually the nonconforming business will be gone, and the property will return to residential use, just like the surrounding neighborhood. 

8. What is Zoning?


Many people don’t understand the reason for zoning, or the basis for some strict requirements when it comes to rezoning property.  Zoning basically means that certain uses are allowed only in certain areas of the City.  Residential uses can be found almost Citywide, while commercial uses are limited to areas of the City that are most equipped to handle those uses without undue hardship to the surrounding community or neighborhood.  Industrial type uses are ideally located on the outskirts of town so they do not bother surrounding residents; neighborhood uses, such as hair salons and insurance offices, are ideally located within the neighborhoods they serve.  The City uses the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) to ensure use categories are standard. 

Questions: Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant – 618.346.5200 ext 1123 or 


Forms & Information: 

Use Table Use Table (670 KB)

Zoning Map Zoning Map (3288 KB)

Zoning Code Zoning Code (1734 KB)

9. When/Why would I need to Rezone?


Some properties located within the City may require rezoning in order to be used in certain ways.  For example, a residential home located in a more “commercial” area on Vandalia would require rezoning in order to be used for a commercial business, even though commercial businesses may exist all around it.  As a part of that rezoning, specific requirements would have to be met, from interior improvements in order to meet Health & Safety Codes, to exterior improvements to provide enough parking, a nicely landscaped frontage, or screening from other lots that are still being used as single family homes.  This is to maintain a certain level of quality in our Community, while protecting the citizens that live or own property nearby.   New construction or development may require rezoning in order for the proposed use to fit the zoning of the surrounding area. 

Questions Regarding Large Rezoning Projects:  Mitch Bair, Community Development Director, 618.346.5200 ext 1120, or

Questions Regarding General Rezoning:  Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant – 618.346.5200 ext 1123 or

Forms & Information: 

Zoning Code Zoning Code (1734 KB)

Rezoning Application - Existing Structures Rezoning Application - Existing Structures (175 KB)

Rezoning Application - New Construction Rezoning Application - New Construction (49 KB)

Site Plan Application Site Plan Application (83 KB)

Development Fees Worksheet Development Fees Worksheet (46 KB)

Planning Commission Schedule Planning Commission Schedule (14 KB)

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