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Code Compliance

The City of Collinsville’s primary goal is voluntary compliance with City Codes, including the Property Maintenance Code, Zoning Code, Sign Code, and any other applicable sections of the City’s Municipal Code in order to help maintain and strengthen the character, safety, and value of properties of the community. This is achieved by responding to citizen complaints, proactively seeking out violations of City Codes, and working to solve those problems in a swift and fair manner. Typical issues addressed include the abatement of dead trees, unpermitted construction-related work, derelict vehicles, overgrown yards, trash and debris, broken windows, and peeling paint. However, priority is given to imminent health and safety issues such as dangerous structures, inadequate barriers around swimming pools/spas, leaking sewage, and live/exposed electrical wires.


How to Report a Violation

If you believe there is a Code violation in need of attention, please use the online Violation Reporting System or call 618-346-5200 and choose option 4.

The Enforcement Process

1) The City receives a complaint via the web, telephone, email, walk-up, etc.

2) Complaint is logged, prioritized, and routed for response to the appropriate enforcement division of the City; and, when applicable, a receipt acknowledgement communication is sent.

3) A City Inspector makes a visual inspection of the site to assess the complaint.

4) Upon verification of there being a violation, the Inspector will send a letter to the responsible party. The letter provides the legally-required amount of time to remedy the situation and/or a court date is scheduled. Re-inspections take place as appropriate.

5) If the responsible party appears at court, they have the opportunity to negotiate with the court - sometimes being granted additional time to address the problem.

6) If the responsible party does not appear at court, the case is continued - typically for 30 days. If the responsible party does not appear at the continued date, a fine is typically imposed and notice is sent. This process can continue for several months until, depending on the violation, additional legal measures are taken by the Court to address the problem.

Resolution of Code Violations through the legal system can take time, and this may lead people to believe that the City is not addressing the issue. However, the City works to ensure that all complaints are legally addressed and that due process is given to all citizens. Due to the variation in time for violations to be resolved, City staff will not typically follow up with the person who submitted the complaint; however, a response will be given to anyone inquiring about the status of a complaint.


City Court

Most Code Compliance cases are heard in the City of Collinsville’s “City Court”, which is presided over by a Hearing Officer. Although not a Judge, decisions made by the Hearing Officer are legally binding and may result in an order to comply, monetary fines and/or community service. City Court is held every other Thursday at 4 pm in City Hall. More serious violations, or those that are repeat violators, will be cited in County Court, which is presided over by a County Judge. For Court appearance questions please call Code Enforcement Officer Sheri Verstraete at 618-346-5200 ext. 1158 or by email at

Other Programs

Community Service Program. As an alternative to fine, both the City’s Hearing Officer and the County Court are authorized to require community service. The administration of such community service is managed by the Code Enforcement Officer who works with not for profits, churches, schools, the food pantry, etc. to find available community service hours for those who are penalized through the court system.

Interior Inspections Program. The City of Collinsville has adopted the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), which intended to help provide for a safe home environment, free from dangerous living conditions or malfunctioning appliances, etc. If a Collinsville resident feels that a dangerous or unsafe condition exists within his/her rental unit, the Code Inspector can be contacted to inspect the structure for compliance with the IMPC. The landlord will be contacted to make repairs or changes that are required in order to meet the code. For questions regarding the Interior Inspections Program, please contact George Kroder, Code Inspector, at 618.346.5200 ext. 1148, or


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