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Chicken Keeping Requirements

Following is the process for obtaining a Chicken Keeping Permit for backyard chickens within the City of Collinsville.  Please read the Chicken Keeping Ordinance in its entirety prior to completing the Permit Application. 


  1. Read the requirements related to Chicken Keeping, and then obtain the Permit Application by downloading it here, visiting City Hall, or calling 346-5200 ext. 1126 to have one emailed to you.

  2. Ensure that you can meet the requirements, and then “set up” your back yard for inspection, by installing your coop, run and fencing, as applicable.  Do not purchase any chickens at this point--unless you are legalizing chickens that you already have. 

  3. Complete the Permit Application, including a detailed sketch of your back yard, showing each element as listed on the application.  Return the application to City Hall with the $50 permit fee.

  4. A City inspector will contact you to set up the inspection; you may or may not need to be present. 

  5. The inspector will either a) approve your application as is, or b) notify you what changes need to be made in order to meet the requirements of the ordinance.  Once changes are made, a re-inspection will be conducted.

  6. When the application is approved, the City will issue a permit number and notify you that your permit has been approved.  This is when you can go and purchase your chickens!

  7. Permits are valid for 3 years unless otherwise revoked or suspended per the ordinance.  Upon expiration of the permit, you will be notified that it’s time to renew, and be given renewal instructions. 



Any questions regarding the Chicken Keeping Ordinance, completion of the Permit Application, or Inspections should be directed to:

Amy Boeving, Building Assistant, 618.346.5200 ext 1126, or

or Shawna Robinson, Planning/Building Assistant -618-346-5200 x1143 ,

Chicken Keeping Ordinance Chicken Keeping Ordinance (61 KB)

Chicken Keeping Permit Application Chicken Keeping Permit Application (459 KB)

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