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We are pleased that you are considering opening a business here in Collinsville, and we are here to help!  The information provided on this page will help guide you through the process, whether you are interested in a small Uptown storefront or a major development project.


In order to better provide for and protect the safety of our citizens and your customers, the City of Collinsville has a Business Licensing and Registration Program.  All businesses operating within the City limits of Collinsville are required to obtain a business license, with the exception of those businesses exempted by Illinois State Statutes (see below for a list of exempt businesses).  Exempt businesses are still required to register with the City so that important information can be kept on file. 

The annual business license fee is $25; there is no fee to register a business.

Exempt Businesses Exempt Businesses (30 KB)

An emergency contact form is required for all business licenses and registrations.  This information is provided to the Police and Fire Departments so they may locate and contact the proper individuals if there is an emergency at your place of business.


Click below to Download the necessary application.

Business License Application Business License Application (72 KB)

Business License Registration Business License Registration (89 KB)

Business License Home Occupation Application Business License Home Occupation Application (90 KB)

Business License Emergency Contact Form Business License Emergency Contact Form (34 KB)


Questions Regarding Business Licenses:  Carrie Carlisle, License Clerk, 618.346.5200 ext. 1132, or


Questions Regarding Existing Zoning: Derek Jackson, Community Development Director, 618.346.5200 ext. 1120 or


Questions Regarding New Development Projects:  Derek Jackson, Community Development Director, 618.346.5200 ext. 1120 or


Questions Regarding Financial Incentives:  Mitch Bair, City Manager/Economic Development Director, at 618.346.5200 ext. 1119, or


Questions Regarding Uptown Businesses: Cristen Harden, Associate Planner, 618.346.5200 ext. 1140, or chardin


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